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Stories of Impact

Jescinter Amanikor from Turkana,Kenya
My name is Jescinter Amanikor and I was born in a non Christian family. I practiced witchcraft doctrine and I followed witch doctors throughout my life. I used to believe in witchcraft because I would go to the witchdoctors for treatment when I became sick.
Albano from Western Tanzania
I thank God for saving me through Christ Jesus. Before l received Jesus I was just a religious person living in the desires of the flesh. I did not believe in salvation because I was made to believe that no one can be saved while here in this world.
Shukran from Malindi, Kenya
I was born in a family where my father makes the local palm wine. As a young boy in school, my father would request that I help him in doing this job. As a result, this made me secretly start drinking alcohol.