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Hello Family,

As the halfway mark of the year approaches we once again exclaim how quickly the year is rolling by. So many events on our calendars have been checked off and now we are finalizing dates for plans through the balance of the year.

It’s always hard to believe but it is always true. Time is such an important commodity. God blesses us with each second and tasks us to make the best of them. We are grateful for all the seconds that you have so generously spent caring for us through your support, prayers and communication.

We continue to covet your prayers as Coline is in the middle of her exams for the semester. It’s the usual lock yourself in the room, no sleep and lose weight time of the year for her. She has two more weeks remaining and we are starting to joke that we will need to fatten her up before next semester’s exams :-). The good news is that come July she is free for school until September. She is looking forward to getting some rest and executing her plans for Medical Disciples. Your prayers are surely needed.

I have been a bit busy since my school semester end with trips to Ghana, Tanzania and within Kenya. In the next couple months I will be heading back to Ghana and later to Egypt. Your prayers are surely needed.

We are blessed to have friends visiting us for the next 6 weeks. We have known Christy for a number of years now as her parents mentored us back at our home church, Grace Fellowship, and Coline actually mentored Christy at one point. While we have been here we began to see a regular face in her social media post and eventually she married that face. It’s been good getting to know Derrick even though we have been so busy. River is a 4-month-old bundle of handsome who has already been adopted by so many mothers and grandmothers over here.


Derrick, Christy & River

Below are some recent pictures of what we have been doing with our time. Enjoy!

Your Missionaries,

Andre & Coline




Stealing hearts

Stealing Hearts

Baby Talk

Baby Talk

Baby carring lesson

Baby Carring Lesson

East Africa Church Planting Leaders


Making Friends

group car 2

Visiting Rendile People


Visiting Our Maasai Family


Training with our West Africa Leaders


West Africa Church Planting Leaders



Road Trip Food Results. Coline got a bug and eventually needed 1 liter of fluids. She is well now.

Road Trip Food Results. Coline got a bug and eventually needed 1 liter of fluids. She is well now.

Racing the Sunset

Racing the Sunset: Heading to Visit Church Planters
Meeting Church Planters

Sharing with Church Planters

Tanzania Training

Tanzania Training

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  1. Maggie Clarke says:

    God is Good!!!
    I love to see how God continues to bless you both & move in your lives.
    Be Bless ALWAYS……………Love yall
    Maggie C.

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