New believer story by Sellah Bakhuya


My name is Sellah Bakhoya aged 18 years old born on 23rd March 1998 by Raphael Khalumi and Eunice Tabwa who by God’s grace are alive to date at Shibuli village. I was brought up and educated by my two farmer parents till now I am still being brought up.

My life before Christ was miserable since it was full of evil deeds like ignorance, unforgiveness, not loving etc. My life was difficult.

I knew Jesus at an early age through going to Sunday school at Ebuchinga C.O.G but after my class 8 exams I used to miss church services most of the time and this affected me to the latter that even in high school I never liked C.U so much. I have not been attending  church services even after I finished my form 4 exams but through mama Catherine Buliba who has been advising me on the importance of accepting Jesus in our lives and living a Christian life, this has changed me at large . She even allowed me to attend kesha (overnight prayers) at her Church where a certain Pastor Beatrice preached about the importance of accepting Jesus in our lives where she said that “when you accept Christ you will lead a peaceful life and a you will be led by the holy spirit”, and this touched my heart, therefore I accepted Christ that night.

After I believed my life has changed in a manner that all of my friends have abandoned me because I avoid their bad ways like idling, I have found peace in my heart, I do love and care for others, I appreciate myself for being a true Christian now because time to time I feel God’s love for me. I am aware of sin, at least am trying to defeat some of the sins and I have peace of being forgiven. I have that desire to connect with God and I pray but not just praying but I do pray with passion



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