New believer story by Thomas



I was living a bad life, as a Moran our responsibility is to look after our livestock in the bush and in distant lands, there is where we had our place in society and women were not allowed to come, So one day a lady came to where we were and the other Moran told me to punish her for her insolence, so I told her to eat all the meat raw while I was looking there after I proceeded to beat her with a stick. Also as a Moran we engaged in cattle rustling which lead us to killing members of that community.

One day my sister Jesinta visited me and preached for me from the book of Romans 14:12, so every one of us shall give an account of himself to God. That is when I remembered all the bad things that I had done. Jesinta later told me that God will forgive all my sins if I confess and receive Jesus Christ in my life of which I did.

I am now a Moran of Jesus preaching and reaching the lost and bringing them to Christ, I thank God for saving me. I believe that God is the only one who gives and takes life. I am now fighting to bring others to Christ other than fighting with other communities and killing people as I did before.

God bless T.T.I who brought this light to me.




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