New believer story by Aime Mapenzi

I was born in a community of pagans as we would believe in worshipping idols. When I grew up and was 20 years old, I started bad habits and became a prostitute and I also started drinking alcohol and smoking weed. I have difficulty when it came to getting along with people as I would constantly bring up arguments. After 2 years, I got married to a soldier but even in marriage, I could not let go of my habits. One day as I was sitting outside my door, Pastor Simbikangwa Samuel came to me...

New believer story by Kipchoge

Before I became a Christian, I thought of myself as very bad person beyond comparison with anything on planet earth. I was a drunkard and at the same time a brewer, I was addicted to smoking weed. I did not fear or respect anyone and so many times I was always in fights with people especially my neighbors, this is because of my impaired mental state when I was drunk. I would even fight police officers until one day I was arrested, taken to the court of law and was sentenced to two years ...

New believer story by Lekorima

  My life before I knew Christ was very bad. I was addicted to alcohol and a person who did bad things, for 26 years I was drinking beer and the days I couldn’t take or drink beer I was not able to do anything because I felt like a very sick person. All my money was spent drinking beer, my children slept hungry. All this time I was like a blind person until my brothers from TTI came and asked me if I have heard about Jesus, they taught me from the book of Romans3:23,10:13 and ...

New Believer Story Mataweza Hangi

  My name is Mataweza Hangi. I was born in Minova in a pagan home and so I was brought up without any counsel. My father was a drunkard and my mother too and so I also grew up following their footsteps. I was a drunkard, weed smoker, fighter and adulterer. One day after taking lunch I saw the servant of the Lord coming to my house. He introduced himself as Etienne and asked to talk with me which I accepted. He said Jesus loves me which took me aback wondering how God would lov...

New Believer Story by Mellisa

  My Life before Christ. May I start by sending my greetings to all who will read my testimony? My name is Mellisa Ajiambo, a 60 year old woman from Machioga village and a believer in Jesus Christ. All through my life, I never had the chance of knowing Jesus Christ. I was brought up in a family that believed in fighting, hatred and brewing alcohol. I never went to school neither did my husband. The only source of income for my family was brewing Chang’aa (locally brewed ill...

New believer story by Onyango

  Let me share with you something that has really changed my life for the last 3 months. God has changed and delivered me from the hands of a cult. All along I have been going to church thinking that that is the way to earn my salvation. I blindly obeyedthe teachings of our leader which was not based on scripture but on rules and regulations prescribed by the leader. For us he was like God. What he said was authoritative and final. There were many rituals that I performed and ...

New believer Story by Sakina Nabwire

  I am a young girl who recently graduated from high school and expecting, by the grace of God Almighty to join university next year. My academic standing is not the main issue here, but my life as a sinner and saved by his blood. All through adolescence, I lived under peer pressure and anything that goes with adolescence. To me, God was far away and some man fetched notion; the belief in God was for failures in life and some misguided fellows. In my twenties, I believed that ...

New believer story by Sellah Bakhuya

My name is Sellah Bakhoya aged 18 years old born on 23rd March 1998 by Raphael Khalumi and Eunice Tabwa who by God’s grace are alive to date at Shibuli village. I was brought up and educated by my two farmer parents till now I am still being brought up. My life before Christ was miserable since it was full of evil deeds like ignorance, unforgiveness, not loving etc. My life was difficult. I knew Jesus at an early age through going to Sunday school at Ebuchinga C.O.G but after my clas...

New believer story by Thomas

  I was living a bad life, as a Moran our responsibility is to look after our livestock in the bush and in distant lands, there is where we had our place in society and women were not allowed to come, So one day a lady came to where we were and the other Moran told me to punish her for her insolence, so I told her to eat all the meat raw while I was looking there after I proceeded to beat her with a stick. Also as a Moran we engaged in cattle rustling which lead us to killing membe...

New Believer Story by Wilberforce Mang’eni

DL NAME: FELIX  OUMA STUDENT NAME: MOSES OKWOME NEW BELIEVER NAME: WILBERFORCE MANG’ENI I am a teacher by profession, from Busia county and Samia sub-county. I have been on pay-roll for the past 13years with nothing to show for it.In comparison to my peers in the same profession who were employed at the same time with me or after me and are more advanced than I am. I have been the laughing stock of the village and used as an example in reference to anybody who lived a useless li...