Standards for rapid advice of spy phone app

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Big Dollar Casino No Deposit Bonus June 2016

Though cost-free spins are a fun way to begin with, the ideal way to reach for the stars and rank a large profit prize would be to have fun playing for real money. So that you can see the easiest method to maximise your purchase and provide about the great prizes, we create an index of each and every most desirable game for you to execute real money slot machine games in the ideal rooms using the net. You should definitely take time to read through it and pick the right on line casino area befor...

Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work

When your ex wife is at work you can log into the program with all the given code and person name and browse the SMSs she has sent tough but are she has received. Also you can pay attention to her telephone conversations. When she comes home, obtain advise her on what she needs advise without showing her that an individual might be monitoring her phone. This way you maintain tab on her behalf activities and help keep your family still in effect. This is regarded as the best spying putting on ...

No Longer Spiritual Refugees

TTI Church Plant In Kakuma  Refugee Camp. Kakuma Kenya
Last week I (Andre) visited our work in the Kakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya. Our focus is primarily among Sudanese, South Sudanese, and Ethiopians. Refugee camps are sad and depressing for obvious reasons. However, what is often missed is the reality of the lives of those who live life in a place very much foreign to them. I wasn’t mentally prepared to meet people with scars from machetes on their arms, legs, backs and even their faces. Lingering scars from survival and escape hard for...

March With Us – Tembea Na Sisi! (Swahili)

Hello Family, We are now one week into our March With Us fundraising time and we are grateful for the more than $400 that has been generously given towards this year's matching challenge of $15,000. Those $400 will make an $800 impact on our ministry! These $400 will make an $800 impact on our ministry! We are now $14,600 away from our matching goal. Thank you for praying and contributing! Your Missionaries, Andre & Coline

God’s Love Wins His People!

Hello Family, Amazing stories of God's grace are happening in some of the world's darkest place. DRC is ranked the most impoverished country in the world but God's goodness is able to enrich His people with His love.  Read Gato's testimony below. ----------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for being a part of making such a great impact in this family and eternity! Please continue to March With Us by helping us with this matching gift challenge! Please see the f...

New believer story John Oloo.

Before I got saved, I was a very bad person who was lost and I dwelt in the worldly ways. These included; lying, bringing up arguments and also fornication. I was so into these things that I even didn’t know who I was anymore. But I thank God for saving me from the bad ways that I was used to. I thank God because when I was visited and preached to, I saw meaning in living in Christ and I also learnt the benefits of living in Christ which is eternal life. I also thank God because e...

New believer testimony by Lilian Mapesa.

Before I got saved I used to despise people and I was one person who would be angry all the time. Even with any little thing that could happen, I would get angry and would have thoughts of committing suicide. To those who viewed me as their friends, to me, they were my enemies. I never wanted o get married, atleast not to a poor person. One day I was at the market place and there was a big crusade going on and I was watching them as they danced and sang and they seemed to be happy. I was an...

New believer story by Aime Mapenzi

I was born in a community of pagans as we would believe in worshipping idols. When I grew up and was 20 years old, I started bad habits and became a prostitute and I also started drinking alcohol and smoking weed. I have difficulty when it came to getting along with people as I would constantly bring up arguments. After 2 years, I got married to a soldier but even in marriage, I could not let go of my habits. One day as I was sitting outside my door, Pastor Simbikangwa Samuel came to me...

New believer story by Kipchoge

Before I became a Christian, I thought of myself as very bad person beyond comparison with anything on planet earth. I was a drunkard and at the same time a brewer, I was addicted to smoking weed. I did not fear or respect anyone and so many times I was always in fights with people especially my neighbors, this is because of my impaired mental state when I was drunk. I would even fight police officers until one day I was arrested, taken to the court of law and was sentenced to two years ...