Impact Stories

DANSILA BEYA : New Believer Testimony from DRC (Congo)

My name is Dansila Beya. I am 36 years old  and in all those years no one ever told me about God. Alcohol was one of my c

New Believer Testimony: Joseph Deus

Henry heart leapt with excitement. This was the answer to his prayers! As a new Christian, he was passion about the Lord b

New Believer-Major Gaspard Chiza

As the villagers eagerly gathered to watch The Jesus Film, Major Gaspard devised a plan. He and his band of rebels could e

New Believer-Japheth

Japheth smirked as angry threats echoed through the air. They were pointless… after all, he was a prince. He could do wh

New believer testimony by Lilian Mapesa

Before I got saved I used to despise people and I was one person who would be angry all the time. Even with any little thi

New believer story John Oloo

Name of DL: Linet Ambaka Name of Timothy: Caroli Ambey Name of New believer: John Odhiambo Oloo Before I got saved, I was