New believer story John Oloo.


Before I got saved, I was a very bad person who was lost and I dwelt in the worldly ways. These included; lying, bringing up arguments and also fornication. I was so into these things that I even didn’t know who I was anymore. But I thank God for saving me from the bad ways that I was used to. I thank God because when I was visited and preached to, I saw meaning in living in Christ and I also learnt the benefits of living in Christ which is eternal life.

I also thank God because even after getting saved, I was guided and taught the word by pastor Caroli Ambey which has changed my life and I must say that I am a changed person. One of the benefits I have got so far is joining the TTI group for teachings and knowing more about God.

I thank the organization, teachers and leaders in the organization who are helping us in learn more about the kingdom of God. As I had no hope in life before but now I do. I did not really know I had a chance as what I had been doing was shameful. I thank the organization as they are helping greatly in reaching out to the world to bring people to Christ.

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