New believer testimony by Lilian Mapesa.


Before I got saved I used to despise people and I was one person who would be angry all the time. Even with any little thing that could happen, I would get angry and would have thoughts of committing suicide. To those who viewed me as their friends, to me, they were my enemies. I never wanted o get married, atleast not to a poor person.
One day I was at the market place and there was a big crusade going on and I was watching them as they danced and sang and they seemed to be happy. I was angry at the look of this and decided to start going home. On my way home I met Peter who started talking to me about Christ and salvation. I could not tell how it happened but deep inside me I felt that I needed Christ in my life. I wanted to change how I felt and I did not want to be angry anymore. I decided to give my life to Christ at that moment.
From that day, I must admit that I have joy in my life even when I encounter any kind of hardships in my life. I am now blessed with a loving husband and three children whom I have taught about Christ. My prayer is that the Lord may give me courage and help me when it comes to evangelizing to my friends and also other people so that they may get to know God.

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