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TTI Church Plant In Kakuma  Refugee Camp. Kakuma Kenya

No Longer Spiritual Refugees

Last week I (Andre) visited our work in the Kakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya. Our focus is primarily among Sudanese, South Sudanese, and Ethiopians. Refugee camps are sad and depressing for obvious reasons. However, what is often missed is the reality of the lives of those who live life in a place very much foreign to them. I wasn’t mentally prepared to meet people with scars from machetes on their arms, legs, backs and even their faces. Lingering scars from survival and escape hard for me to imagine. I also didn’t consider that the population of the camp was ...
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March With Us – Tembea Na Sisi! (Swahili)

Hello Family, We are now one week into our March With Us fundraising time and we are grateful for the more than $400 that has been generously given towards this year's matching challenge of $15,000. Those $400 will make an $800 impact on our ministry! These $400 will make an $800 impact on our ministry! We are now $14,600 away from our matching goal. Thank you for praying and contributing! Your Missionaries, Andre & Coline ...
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God’s Love Wins His People!

Hello Family, Amazing stories of God's grace are happening in some of the world's darkest place. DRC is ranked the most impoverished country in the world but God's goodness is able to enrich His people with His love. Read Gato's testimony below. ----------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for being a part of making such a great impact in this family and eternity! Please continue to March With Us by helping us with this matching gift challenge! Please see the flyer below. Thank you for Marching With Us! Your Missionaries, Andre & Coline "Life is a God-given Mission to glorify Him" ...
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Experiencing God Through His People

Hello Family, Since our last update Coline finished her exams a couple weeks ago, I have been to Ghana and we celebrated our 8th year of Marriage. We appreciate your prayers as I head Egypt next week. Our guest, the Collins have 2 weeks remaining in their 2 month visit. This past weekend we took a road trip with them that had all the usual and spectacular experiences (encouraging and challenging) that accompany engaging culture. Coline shared simple hygiene tips and took blood pressures while I was able to meet with some of our church planters among the tribe. The ...
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